Warranty Info

120 Day Warranty Included With Every Full Home Inspection!

Major Appliance Protection:

  1. The Company will provide repair service on Your protected items to restore them to standard operating condition as a result of normal usage and electrical or mechanical component failure.
  2. Any part necessary for the normal operation and is contained within the sheet metal skin of the unit is protected by this Plan.
  3. Items must be properly installed and in normal working order on the effective date of this Plan.

See Complete Terms and Conditions for more coverage.

Electrical Protection:

Protected: Internal wiring; junction boxes; conduit; main panel; circuit breakers; outlets; switches; fuses.

Heating/Cooling Protection:

Central forced air conditioning, furnace/air handler, and thermostat. Home buyer/home owner is responsible for performing normal and routine maintenance and cleaning pursuant to the manufacturer’s specifications, including changing HVAC filters

Plumbing Protection:

Protected: Internal and external pipe leaks that occur due to normal usage including water, gas, and drain lines that service the main home.

One Year Home Warranty

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